DataRobot Extends the Number of Business Problems That Can Be Solved With Human-Interpretable AI

November 27, 2017

New Features Supporting Multiclass Classification and Anomaly Detection Extend the Power of the DataRobot Automated Machine Learning Platform

Boston, MA – November 27, 2017 — DataRobot, the pioneer in automated machine learning, today unveiled major new features to its automated machine learning platform. With new capabilities in multiclass classification and anomaly detection, DataRobot extends the power of its platform to business users of all skill levels to get the most accurate answers to complex business problems that traditionally required data scientists.

As regulations such as GDPR are enacted and give people the right to question how algorithmic decisions are made, DataRobot’s unique ability to automatically build human-interpretable predictive models prepares its customers for regulatory compliance.

“Businesses are increasingly relying on machine learning to solve critical business problems, but they need greater understanding of how these decisions are being made,” said Jeremy Achin, CEO of DataRobot. “The latest updates to our platform significantly increase the number of business problems we can solve automatically, while continuing the DataRobot tradition of model transparency and actionability that makes machine learning human-friendly.”

Machine Learning Predictions Across Even More Business Use Cases

DataRobot’s new release makes it possible for business analysts, data scientists and machine learning practitioners of all skill levels to solve an even broader set of business problems. The new features enable customers to:

  • Go Beyond Yes/No Answers – Solve Multiclass Classification Problems: DataRobot now supports multiclass classification, extending the power of the platform to address more business problems and use cases. Businesses can now make business predictions for use cases that require automated choices between a list of options. This is a powerful advancement for use cases such as next-best-offer – selecting which product to next promote to each customer. DataRobot’s new visualization matrix enables business users to visually interpret and understand the decisions being made by the models.
  • Flag Unusual Events with Automated Anomaly Detection: DataRobot now offers automated models to make it easier for business users to automatically identify outliers within a dataset. The feature will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes companies to isolate costly, malicious events, such as fraud, while providing greater visibility into why an event was flagged.

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