DataRobot Announces Technology Partnership with Arm Treasure Data

April 8, 2019

New data connector drives immediate learnings for AI success

BOSTON, April 8, 2019 — DataRobot, the leader in automated machine learning, today announced a strategic partnership with Arm® Treasure Data™, a customer data platform (CDP) provider, to accelerate AI adoption in the enterprise. As part of the partnership, DataRobot introduced a data connector to Arm Treasure Data CDP that will enable an automated workflow, allowing accumulated data on the cloud to be used directly for learning by AI. DataRobot will also collaborate with Arm Treasure Data in future technical and sales activities to deliver AI success across joint enterprise customers.

The DataRobot automated machine learning platform empowers business analysts and data scientists of all skill levels to build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time of traditional modeling methods. Arm Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform is one of the most advanced CDP platforms, designed to handle the complex and data-intensive needs of enterprise marketers. The platform is already used by companies around the world to securely collect, unify, and analyze data from industries ranging from marketing to IoT.

Through the collaboration, rich customer and transactional datasets can be directly ingested from Arm Treasure Data’s platform to DataRobot, optimizing AI workflows for joint customers. DataRobot learns from the data and builds highly accurate machine learning models to empower enterprises to better understand and serve their customers. One such customer, Intage Co., Ltd., leverages the power of Arm Treasure Data and DataRobot to optimize their marketing activities.

“Creating a workflow based on a combination of advanced technologies is very challenging, and the collaboration between DataRobot and Arm Treasure Data makes it simple to automate highly complex business problems, including one-to-one customization of customer experience,” said Naoto Yamamoto, director, advanced technology division, R&D Business Group of Intage. “We’re pleased to be working with both DataRobot and Arm Treasure Data to unlock the true value from our datasets which will significantly impact our bottom line.”

This partnership will unlock many use cases, including:

  • Providing an optimal customer experience based on customer activity data collected from various customer contacts
  • Combining store, product, and CRM data for optimal product placement and inventory management
  • Consolidating sensor data to aid in manufacturing quality forecasting and factor analysis

“We are very excited to work with Arm Treasure Data, a leader in the cloud-based data platform industry, to help businesses embrace the power of AI,” said Seann Gardiner, senior vice president of business development for DataRobot. “This collaboration, which originated from feedback from our customers, allows more companies to enjoy the benefits of automation in the construction of machine learning and AI for a myriad of use cases.”

“AI and machine learning are the backbone of Arm Treasure Data which enables us to make data actionable at scale,” says Stephen Lee, senior director, business development, Arm Treasure Data. “Partnering with DataRobot gives us the opportunity to deliver leading-edge AI automation technology to our CDP customers while providing them with superior data insights.”

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