DataRobot and Alteryx Enable Business Analysts with Machine Learning Automation

November 15, 2016

Integration Between Alteryx and DataRobot Further Simplifies Predictive Analytics Workflows

Boston — Machine learning automation leader DataRobot today announced the integration of its enterprise machine learning platform with the Alteryx, Inc. self-service data analytics platform. The Alteryx connector for DataRobot allows users of both platforms to simplify and automate the end-to-end workflow for predictive analytics, from data preparation to modeling to deployment. The connector is now available to download from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

Predictive analytics can be challenging and complex, often requiring disconnected tools and a variety of programming environments to blend data from disparate sources, build predictive models and then seamlessly deploy them so they can drive real business value. The integration of Alteryx and DataRobot brings together self-service data preparation, blending and advanced analytics from Alteryx with intuitive, automated machine learning from DataRobot.

“When I incorporate DataRobot into my analytics curricula, 66 percent of the how-to content goes away, freeing me to focus on conceptual matters, validation measures, and business logic,” said Kai R. Larsen, associate professor of information management at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. “But there is still a critical need to do data preparation to get it into the format required for analytics. This is a sweet spot for Alteryx. Combined, DataRobot and Alteryx make possible the long-awaited promise of turning companies into ‘analytic competitors’: companies driven by accurate analytics at all levels.”

The Alteryx connector for DataRobot offers:

  • Democratization: Empowering business users to rapidly deliver predictive models with self-service data prep, blending and analytics;
  • Speed: Delivering advanced machine learning in hours, not months, and expediting the time to value from predictive analytics initiatives;
  • Accuracy: Providing the right analytic data set and model to maximize value from data assets.

“Alteryx empowers business analysts with the ability to easily grow in their use of analytics,” said Bob Laurent, vice president of Product Marketing, Alteryx, Inc. “As more Alteryx users add predictive modeling to their analyses, they can now also include machine learning technology from DataRobot to bring more insight and increase overall business value.”

“The combination of automated machine learning and self-service data preparation simplifies the entire predictive analytics workflow and democratizes data science for business users. Working with leaders like Alteryx allows us to provide even greater value to our customers, and allows DataRobot to focus on delivering the only true enterprise-grade machine learning platform,” said Razi Raziuddin, vice president of business development at DataRobot.


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