Blue Health Intelligence Selects DataRobot to Build and Deploy Powerful Machine Learning Models

November 27, 2018

Leading Healthcare Analytics Organization Harnesses Flexible Automated Machine Learning Platform to Deliver Stakeholder Insights

BOSTON, MA — November 27, 2018 — DataRobot, the pioneering architect of automated machine learning, today announced that Blue Health Intelligence (BHI®), one of the fastest-growing healthcare data and analytics firms, has selected DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform to further streamline the company’s analytics model-building and deployment capabilities.

By partnering with DataRobot to further enhance machine learning efforts, BHI uses robust predictive analytics expertise to help customers improve quality and manage rising healthcare costs. Additionally, by using DataRobot, BHI is dramatically reducing the time needed to build and deploy the analytic models its healthcare partners need.

“Using this technology, we’ve further solidified our position as a leader in predictive and prescriptive healthcare modeling,” said Swati Abbott, chief executive officer for BHI. “DataRobot is another solution that accelerates our ability to leverage our more than 180 million members and 18-plus billion claims records to more flexibly use analytics to answer our partners’ unique business and clinical questions.”

DataRobot’s automated machine learning enhances BHI’s predictive analytics capabilities, supporting member/patient identification and stratification, helping identify at-risk patients and then determine the appropriate interventions for impactable individuals. With DataRobot, BHI’s teams can deploy models via APIs or export models to customers. This added flexibility helps BHI better serve its customers and to integrate securely with their existing solutions.

“DataRobot’s automated machine learning technology also allows BHI to stay ahead of industry trends within the data science space, minimizing time spent on things like feature engineering and exploratory regression so our professionals can address larger, more strategic challenges,” said Sasha Gutfraind, PhD, senior healthcare data scientist at BHI.

“The volume of data within healthcare is growing faster than nearly any other industry, and most companies aren’t capable of managing and making sense of data at this scale. With the power of automated machine learning, BHI is uniquely equipped to address some of the most critical problems in healthcare today, including quality standards and rising costs,” said Gourab De, VP of Data Science Practice at DataRobot. “By partnering with DataRobot, BHI can harness the power of machine learning to make better – and faster – predictions.”

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About DataRobot

DataRobot offers an automated machine learning platform that empowers users of all skill levels to develop and deploy machine learning and AI faster. Incorporating a library of hundreds of the most powerful open source machine learning algorithms, the DataRobot platform encapsulates every best practice, every safeguard, and every run-time environment to automate data science while maximizing transparency, accuracy, and collaboration, delivering AI applications at scale. With offices across the globe, DataRobot is backed by $225 million in investment from top-tier firms, including New Enterprise Associates, Sapphire Ventures, Meritech, and DFJ. Leading brands including United Airlines, New York Life, LendingTree, Tableau, and hundreds of other customers are using DataRobot to accelerate AI success. For more information, visit

About Blue Health Intelligence®

Leveraging the power of medical and pharmacy claims data from more than 180 million Americans, Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) delivers insights that empower healthcare organizations to improve patient care, reduce costs, and optimize performance. With the largest, most up-to-date, and uniform data set in healthcare, BHI provides an accurate representation of the health profile of commercially insured Americans. Our team of data analysts, clinicians, IT experts, and epidemiologists provide analytics, software as a service, and in-depth consulting to payors, providers, employers, medical device companies, and other healthcare stakeholders. Blue Health Intelligence is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and carries the trade name of Health Intelligence Company, LLC. For more information, visit

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