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DataRobot’s Jonathan Dahlberg Gets the Gold Star for Customer Success

October 25, 2016

Earlier this year, DataRobot customer Justin Dickerson, Chief Data Scientist for Snap Advances, published a fantastic post titled: Data Science May Never Be The Same.

We’ve had a number of insightful conversations with Justin about their use of DataRobot since then, and it was his most recent note to us that inspired us to write this post. Justin commended DataRobot’s customer-facing data scientist, Jonathan Dahlberg, for his fantastic work with their team:

“I have to say Jonathan Dahlberg has been instrumental in our success. He’s been our key technical resource and helped us better understand the product and how it can help us grow our analytical capabilities. If you have a gold star, I’d suggest you give him one!”

And so we did.

Gold Star for Customer Support

Jeremy Achin, DataRobot CEO and co-founder (right), presents Jonathan Dalberg with a Gold Star for his work with Snap Advances

This gold star is our way of saying “Congratulations” to Jonathan, and also a big “Thank You” to Justin for his continued advocacy for DataRobot.

One of DataRobot’s core values (inspired by time spent with the founders of Rackspace) is “Provide Fanatical Support to Users and Customers,” so a customer-centric attitude is built into the DNA of DataRobot. People like Jonathan, who care deeply about the success of each and every customer, keep this legacy alive. The relationships we build with our customers help us better understand how they use DataRobot, so we can continually evolve and improve the industry’s only enterprise machine learning platform.

The Gold Star experience with Snap Advances is just one of many examples of the ways in which we enable our customers to succeed. Interested in seeing how DataRobot can automate and scale your team’s data science initiatives?

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