Boston Data Mining Meetup: DataRobot to Demonstrate Machine Learning Automation Platform

Sep 10, 2016 by DataRobot

Do you have questions about Automated Machine Learning? Are you interested in learning more about Boston startup, DataRobot? Want to see machine learning in use on a real-world medicare fraud dataset?

Join us on Wednesday, September 14th from 6:00PM to 8:00PM on the 5th floor of the Cambridge Innovation Center, in the Havana Room, for an evening of networking and learning featuring a presentation followed by Q&A centered on Identifying Medicare Fraud Using Automated Machine Learning.

Wednesday’s Boston Data Mining community event will be led by DataRobot’s co-founder and CTO, Tom de Godoy. Tom will demonstrate how DataRobot’s machine learning platform delivers the best predictive model for identifying Medicare fraud by diving into pre-processing, feature engineering, testing and tuning all while using the best open source algorithms from H2O, R, Python, Spark, TensorFlow, and more. Finally, Tom will leverage DataRobot’s visualization techniques to provide complete insights and models, supported by evidence.

The Boston Data Mining meetup focuses on making data mining/science accessible to everyone. With a community of 3,579 data miners (and growing), it aims to be inclusive to everyone regardless of their skill level. 200 people have already registered to attend, so reserve your seat now. Boston Data Mining Meetup – DataRobot.


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