DataRobot + Tableau: Powering Retail Insights for Tomorrow, Today

The powerful combination of DataRobot + Tableau enables data-driven retailers to gain deeper insights and deliver faster decisions using AI-powered dashboards. Whether you are interested in inventory forecasting, customer churn, or any of the other multitude of insights retailers rely on to outpace the competition, this leading solution will deliver insights that previously required sizable investments by way of time and people.

With built-in best practices and guardrails designed by leading data scientists, the DataRobot AI platform automates the data science lifecycle, allowing retail organizations of any size to rapidly develop and deploy highly accurate predictive models. These insights can then be shared at scale with Tableau, empowering decision makers to easily consume the information needed for critical decision making.

Are you ready to find hidden patterns in your customer data? Ready to address complex product mix problems? Unlock these insights and more by downloading the DataRobot Starter Kit for Tableau. Experience first hand how you can add new layers of insight with Tableau visualizations fueled by DataRobot AI.

Why DataRobot?

process way route complex task problem solve
Solve complex problems
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Find valuable hidden patterns
model prediction analytics
Deliver predictive insights with AI
Data science and technology has been a pretty major disruptor in a lot of industries, including retail. Everything that we do, every decision that we make, every prediction that we use in a decision, at the end of the day, impacts the customer and it’s always about improving the shopping experience for our customers...DataRobot gives the ability for data scientists of all different skill levels to apply tools and techniques that are state-of-the-art. Work that would ordinarily take weeks to code up right, DataRobot can do in hours so we get our time back - we focus on more important on more important aspects of the business.
Brandon Greenwell
Brandon Greenwell

Data Scientist, Kroger / 84.51

By integrating aspects of machine learning across all of our daily processes, we’re changing the way tests and studies are carried out and embracing the 21st century way of analysis with new data sources, new technologies, and consequently, new ways of working.
Julien Boulenger
Julien Boulenger

Director of Innovation & Data, Carrefour

The biggest impact DataRobot has had on Lenovo is that decisions are now made in a more proactive and precise way. We have discussions about what actions to take based on variables, and we can compare predictions with what really happened to keep refining our machine learning process and overall business knowledge.
Rodrigo Bertin, Lenovo
Rodrigo Bertin, Lenovo

Senior Business Development Manager, Latin America