Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

Optimize Outcomes with the Help of Automated Machine Learning

How Business Analysts Create Code-Free AI and Machine Learning Initiatives

Machine learning has become a competitive differentiator in a big data world. Vast amounts of data are already overwhelming existing BI tools and analytics processes. A new class of machine learning tools, however, is making it possible for your existing business analysts and leaders alike to find and focus on what matters most.


In this on-demand webinar, recognized analytics industry expert Jen Underwood discusses how BI and analytics professionals can get started with automated machine learning, and enable your organization to do more with the resources you already have.

What's covered:

  • An Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Popular Machine Learning Use Cases
  • CRISP-DM Methodology
  • Common Algorithms: Regression, Clustering, Classifiers, and more
  • How to Get Started with Automated Machine Learning


Jen Underwood
Jen Underwood
Senior Director of Product Marketing, DataRobot