Designing a Successful Governed Citizen Data Science Strategy

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Executive roundtable led & moderated by analytics expert Jen Underwood

Datarobot DesigningASuccessfulData ResourceCard 04 26 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful automation tool. When applied to business intelligence (BI), it can dramatically accelerate insights, deepen understanding, and enhance decision making. But AI is a double-edge sword. Citizen data scientists don’t know what they don’t know. Without sufficient governance, citizen data scientists with good intentions can accidentally deliver inaccurate, incomplete, or biased insights.


Making making learning more accessible to citizen data scientists is just one part of a successful AI strategy. A significant knowledge gap remains in understanding AI use cases, properly preparing data for machine learning, and using machine learning responsibly.


In this roundtable event led by analytics expert Jen Underwood, we will discuss both the opportunities and limits of citizen data science. We’ll also share best practices for educating your team and applying governance for delivering sustainable, ethical, trustworthy AI to the enterprise.

Datarobot DesigningASuccessfulData ResourceCard 04 26 2019

Attendees will discover:

  • Lessons learned from successful early adopters
  • How to approach your journey into citizen data science
  • Proven best practices and governance tips

Date & Location:

  1. Convene – 101 Park Avenue (at 41st Street), Midtown NYC
    – Wednesday June 12 2019 | 2 to 5 pm