Delivering on the Promise of AI in Government

Artificial intelligence has the power to tackle the government’s toughest missions. DataRobot is helping agencies unlock this power, at scale and responsibly.

AI Across Government

DataRobot is enabling agencies to face their unique challenges and leverage AI to get real results they can trust.
AI is assuming an ever-larger and more critical role in public health. DataRobot is at the forefront in helping healthcare agencies leverage AI’s vast potential to improve productivity, patient care, and public health and safety.
AI will certainly change the battlefield of the future. To be prepared and protect our strategic position, DataRobot is supporting our armed forces to accelerate the adoption of AI and lead in its national security applications.
Intelligence Community
DataRobot’s AI expertise and technologies are accelerating the IC’s mission to analyze and connect disparate data, infer meaning and ultimately make analytic judgments based on all available data.
Security and Law Enforcement
From cybersecurity to forensic science, AI is ensuring security and law enforcement teams are able to better respond to incidents, prevent threats, stage interventions, divert resources, and investigate and analyze criminal activity.
DataRobot Solutions and Service Offerings

AI Education and Culture

DataRobot can deliver a relentlessly practical, pervasive, and comprehensive AI program to transform the culture of your entire organization with no one left behind.

With AI fluency cultivated across your organization, your workforce would be trained to identify opportunities and deliver mission impact through AI.

Mission Impact Through AI

DataRobot offers a comprehensive end-to-end process for both decision intelligence and AI and Machine Learning Modeling.

Comprehensive Decision Intelligence

DataRobot delivers mission impact with a comprehensive decision intelligence platform through mapping key decisions, researching novel approaches, data acquisition, modeling, deployment and integrated decision support UI.

AI and Machine Learning Development Modeling

DataRobot develops AI and Machine Learning Models and works seamlessly with partners or government to deliver an end-to-end mission, develop skills, and build an AI Culture.

DataRobot Offers Three Delivery Models for Comprehensive Decision Intelligence or Modeling

DataRobot Executes Objective
  • DataRobot executes an end-to-end building of AI models
  • Client only provides domain knowledge for problem scoping, data understanding
DataRobot Executes, Government Shadows
  • DataRobot leads solution development (hands-on keys building models)
  • Client has trained ML DEV users shadow DataRobot team
  • Clients capable of monitoring and re-training as needed
Government Executes, DataRobot Coaches
  • DataRobot assists with framing problem and dataprep (workshops)
  • Client leads solution development with MLDev users
  • DataRobot frequent hands-on coaching sessions to advise clients

Trusted AI: Audit and Governance

With DataRobot, evaluate AI through a trust assessment framework or establish a robust AI governance system.


Assess models and process to ensure AI solutions align to core values and mitigate human and machine bias.


Govern decision-making with repeatable process and technology to ensure that all AI delivers mission impact through alignment to core values and mitigation of human and machine bias

DataRobot in Action, Ensuring AI for Good

The excitement surrounding AI is justified. From helping fight wildfires to supporting airport security, DataRobot ensures that AI is here to help.

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