For Executives

The executive role in effective machine learning is critical. DataRobot University can help you learn how to drive success in machine learning, whether or not your team uses the DataRobot platform.

Four-Hour Seminar

Machine Learning and AI for Executives

Appropriate for business executives sponsoring, funding, or implementing machine learning initiatives.

Gain insight into how to drive success in machine learning. Identify key points in the machine learning life cycle where executive oversight really matters. Learn effective methods to help your team deliver better predictive models, faster. You'll leave this seminar able to identify business challenges well suited for machine learning, with fully defined predictive analytics projects your team can implement now to improve operational results. Attendance at this seminar is by invitation. If you would like to be invited, please contact your DataRobot representative or email .

1. Machine learning and you

  • The machine learning line-up
  • Definitions, buzzwords, and hype
  • Making big data have a big impact

2. Implementing machine learning

  • Organizational approaches
  • Enterprise machine learning
  • Machine learning-driven enterprises

3. Identifying opportunities

  • Problems you can solve
  • Evaluating and prioritizing
  • Effective execution
Developmental Program

Data Science Team Development

Appropriate for Business Analysts, Data Engineers, working Data Scientists, and others committed to ongoing data science skills development

DataRobot University offers a real world, project-based curriculum to help your 
team learn what the world’s best data scientists know. Our coaches work with 
you to develop customized and relentlessly 
practical training tailored to your team’s skills and goals.

1. Pragmatic Data Science

  • Business problem definition
  • Acquiring and exploring data
  • Modeling data
  • Interpreting results
  • Implementing and documenting

2. Programming for Data Science

  • Data preparation in pandas
  • Data preparation in R
  • Merges and aggregation
  • Data exploration
  • Feature transformations

3. Advanced Skills Development

  • Project-based coaching
  • Automated modeling
  • Advanced feature engineering

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