Data Scientists of all skill levels

DataRobot is for data scientists of all skill and experience levels. By making model selection and optimization fast and easy, DataRobot frees you up to do what only you can do: define the right problem, optimize the data set, and interpret the results.

One day course

DataRobot for Data Scientists Certification

Appropriate for experienced data scientists. Early career data scientists and other beginning users should attend DataRobot Essentials instead, an expanded two-day course, covering best practices in machine learning.

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This streamlined session provides a hands-on opportunity to learn to use DataRobot to increase model-building productivity. Intended for experienced, expert data scientists, this short course focuses on practical use of DataRobot to quickly build, interpret, and implement highly accurate machine learning models.

1. Data Exploration and Preparation

  • Data loading
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Target specification
  • Automated feature engineering

2. Modeling and Interpretation

  • Feature impact
  • DataRobot Insights
  • Blended models
  • Model X-Ray
  • Learning curves
  • Model selection

3. DataRobot in Production

  • Accuracy vs latency
  • Batch prediction
  • Prediction API
  • Managing projects
two day course

Advanced DataRobot with Python Certification

Appropriate for graduates of DataRobot Essentials or DataRobot for Data Scientists who program in Python

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Get the best machine learning results using advanced feature engineering and model tuning. Review the powerful pandas data preparation package, and learn to integrate advanced modeling and predictions into an automated workflow with the DataRobot API. DataRobot Essentials or DataRobot for Data Scientists and prior experience with Python required.

1. Data Preparation in Pandas

  • Exploratory analysis
  • Data cleaning
  • Data visualization
  • Table merges
  • Feature engineering

2. Advanced Techniques in DataRobot

  • Metric selection
  • Automated feature engineering
  • Creating feature lists
  • Advanced tuning

3. DataRobot API

  • Creating projects
  • Defining feature lists
  • Monitoring
  • Calling predictions
  • Pipeline automation
one day course

Advanced DataRobot with R Certification

Appropriate for graduates of DataRobot Essentials or DataRobot for Data Scientists who program in R

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The Advanced DataRobot with R course is a one-day, hands-on coverage of expert techniques to get the best machine learning results using the power of the DataRobot API. In addition, you’ll learn to build custom visualizations and autopilot processes as well as how to enhance results through sophisticated statistical methods.

1. DataRobot API

  • Creating and running projects
  • Extracting insights for visualizations
  • Pipeline automation

2. Advanced Techniques

  • Creating your own custom autopilot
  • Feature selection methods
  • Assessing variance in your results
one day course

DataRobot Time Series Modeling Certification

Appropriate for graduates of DataRobot Essentials or DataRobot for Data Scientists

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Gain the skills you need to make the most of the automated time series modeling capabilities of DataRobot to explore and make forecasts on your data. This course provides hands-on coverage of the DataRobot platform and its features, expert advice handling time series problems, and guidance on how to extract business value from your predictions.

1. Introduction to Time Series

  • Problem definition
  • Feature engineering
  • DataRobot’s approach

2. Modeling and Insights

  • Backtesting
  • Accuracy plots
  • Feature interpretation
  • Making forecasts

3. Best Practices

  • Enriching data
  • Feature Selection
  • Model Evaluation
Two to five day training

Custom Client Training

Appropriate for Groups of six or more DataRobot users in one location

Working together, we tailor curriculum and instruction to your team’s experience level, preferred tools, and industry. Training can be customized to your datasets or to public datasets appropriate to your predictive modeling challenges. This training includes and can expand on the coverage of DataRobot Essentials.

1. Data Exploration

  • Data preparation in Python
  • Data preparation in R
  • Data preparation in SAS
  • DataRobot and Hadoop
  • Feature Engineering

2. Modeling and Interpretation

  • Cross-validation
  • Model X-Ray
  • Learning curves
  • Blended models
  • DataRobot insights
  • Model selection

3. DataRobot in Production

  • Accuracy vs latency
  • Prediction API
  • DataRobot Prime
  • Managing and sharing projects

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