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Academic Support Program

DataRobot provides qualified and approved institutions of higher education with DataRobot licenses for student use so that they can explore advanced machine learning without programming in their coursework.

Leading business schools are racing to add machine learning and data science content to their curriculum. They know these skill areas will be central to competitive strategy and value creation over the next decade. But many programs for MBA students and undergraduates are excessively technical. Instead of focusing on the critical insights and management issues leaders need to understand, they get bogged down in the details of computer programming and algorithms.

The top business schools adopted DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform because it…

  • Makes advanced machine learning accessible without programming.
  • Incorporates the knowledge, experience and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists.
  • Delivers unmatched levels of automation, accuracy, transparency, and collaboration to help businesses transform into AI-driven enterprises.
  • Is used by global banks, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, and governmental agencies for all of the above reasons.
Academic Support Program how it works

How the Academic Support Program Works

  • All approved adopting faculty have access to a standard DataRobot cloud license without charge.
  • We encourage adopting faculty that use DataRobot in their courses to also use it in their research projects.
  • We request that you reference DataRobot in any conference talks or published work where you use the product. We would love to see any references to our product.
  • If you are presenting and using DataRobot, we will consider proposals to fund conference travel.
  • Faculty using DataRobot agree that we can publicly disclose that they are doing so.
  • We can provide an on-site DataRobot guest trainer by request.
  • Under this program, we do not provide licenses for research purposes only.

How do we decide whether or not to support your program? We consider:

  • Its prominence
  • Faculty qualifications
  • Number of students
  • Subsequent student career paths
DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform Data Sheet

Why do leading institutions like Harvard Business School and INSEAD use DataRobot and automated machine learning in coursework?

Automated machine learning is the future of predictive analytics, and DataRobot is the leader in this space, offering a platform for data scientists of all skill levels to build and deploy accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time. Smart educators know that DataRobot’s Academic Support Program gives them the in-classroom tools they need to keep their students ahead of the data science curve.
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As predictive models become central to business strategy, companies cannot be bound to traditional, manual, model building methods, which are expensive, time-consuming and difficult to manage.
Automated machine learning allows analytics leaders to focus where it really matters — on problem definition, predictor definition, and effective implementation.
It allows for consistency and auditability of model building across the organization.
Analytics education needs to keep up with the rapidly changing machine learning and predictive analytics landscape.
  • I am using DataRobot more and more for academic teaching and papers. The more I use the DataRobot platform the more I am sold on it. I am actually starting to think that I need to retire from my retirement job of teaching and go back into industry full time. DataRobot is going to quickly change the world.
    Andrew Kumiega
    Andrew Kumiega

    Assistant Professor of Analytics, Illinois Institute of Technology

  • The value of DataRobot became very clear to me when I used it in my own research work. I had a very strongly technical PhD student work with me on one predictive analytics task for a project that took two to three months. Then we pulled the same data into DataRobot to compare results, and in one hour, DataRobot had outperformed that PhD student by a factor of two, simply because he had missed a class of algorithms that worked really well for the data in question.
    Kai R. Larsen, PhD
    Kai R. Larsen, PhD

    Associate Professor of Information Management

  • The students are very, very impressed when they first see DataRobot [...] All of them have tried applying different models, and they know what results they’ve been able to produce manually. When John comes in and plugs in DataRobot and the wheels start rotating, the students see that everything they previously had to do manually, the software is doing for them, while they’re drinking coffee!
    Anton Ovchinnikov
    Anton Ovchinnikov

    Visiting Professor at INSEAD Business School

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