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What is 10x Academy?

DataRobot recognizes the skills gap where employers are looking for those who have strong applied automated AI skills. To address this need, DataRobot offers relentlessly practical data science education and an accessible path to a career in artificial intelligence (AI). With hands-on training and industry standardized applied data science certification, we’re empowering individuals to take control of their future by gaining the skills needed to solve complex business problems and create business value using AI.

10x Academy is designed for:

  • Business analysts and data analysts who are seeking new skills
  • Those with an academic background in data science (or similar) who are looking to apply their knowledge to real-world use cases

What skills will students develop?

The goal is to learn to use DataRobot to help solve critical business challenges.

  • Problem Framing 
  • Effectively Working with Data
  • Exploring Data 
  • Modeling Setups 
  • Feature Engineering 
  • Important Algorithms 
  • Evaluating and Understanding Models
  • Bias, Trust, and Ethics
  • Deploying Models
  • Time Series Modeling
  • Working with Multi-modal data

Program Components

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30 hours of hands-on and self-paced training, 20 hours of practical labs, and 40 hours dedicated to a capstone project
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A trial version of the DataRobot AI Cloud Platform and free access to the DataRobot Community
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Professional certification voucher to take the Citizen Data Scientist Professional exam

In-Demand Data Science Skills Are Within Reach