Arditto Trianggada
Arditto Trianggada
Data Science Superhero at Traveloka

Arditto Trianggada is a data scientist with Traveloka, the hotel and flight booking platform that is shaking up the Southeast Asia travel market.

Traveloka was founded with the goal of presenting the best travel plans to each user of its popular mobile app. From the beginning, Traveloka has been dedicated to building a data-driven business. Their world-class data science team strives to develop accurate, flexible, and high-performing predictive models that create a compelling user experience for researching flights, hotels, and travel-related services.

But as the popularity of their mobile app grew, the Traveloka data science team were becoming victims of the company’s success. Initially, machine learning was a mostly manual process, with the team iterating on several models, trying to find the one that would result in the optimal travel plan for each customer. Results were very good, and the company was booming.


Arditto, however, was concerned about keeping up with their success.

The team was frustrated with the time required to manually tune even a limited number of models, as it hampered their ability to develop a truly agile data science environment, and caused issues like:

  • It was impossible to keep up with all the new and promising open source models, which slowed innovation
  • Limited time for comprehensive hyperparameter tuning affected the ability to deliver the most accurate model
  • Model evaluation techniques and metrics like Confusion Matrix, RMSE, Gini, LogLoss, and AUC, were rushed or even skipped
  • Data scientists tweaked models all the way up until deployment, preventing work on other projects

Arditto was keenly aware that their current methodology was not the best way to help his fast-paced company grow.

Knowing automation was the key to Traveloka’s continued success, Arditto activated the DataRobot signal.

DataRobot worked with Arditto and his fellow data scientists to determine how DataRobot could meet Traveloka’s needs. Early in the investigations, it became apparent that DataRobot was extremely effective in producing highly accurate models for Traveloka in very short order.

DataRobot enables fast development, testing, and iteration of dozens of open source models, and offers built-in evaluation tools to guarantee model performance. In addition, DataRobot delivers metrics that visually explain why a certain model is best. This, in turn, allows the data scientists to easily, and visually, communicate with management.

Deployment is often the most difficult step in a predictive modeling project. In Traveloka’s case, deployment requirements were forcing trade-offs between model performance and accuracy, or what they call “agility” – the ability and time required to deploy predictive models.

Arditto now uses the DataRobot Prediction API to deploy models into production at supersonic speed for truly agile machine learning development. This new-found agility reduces business stakeholders’ concerns about resources and delivers a positive impact to the business. It was, in fact, a major component in the decision to purchase.

DR Superhero Uncovers

With DataRobot’s help, Arditto discovered his data science superpowers and is helping to foster even more superheroes at Traveloka.

  • The intuitive, easy-to-use platform allows the team to develop and deploy highly accurate predictive models at lightning speed.
  • The new models developed by the data science team allow Traveloka to deliver the best lodging deals and most convenient travel times to their customers.
  • Today, our superhero Arditto spends his time creating business value … not tediously refining models.
Data Science Superhero Reference Card
Data Science Superhero vs Mortal
Traits & Capabilities
Traits & Capabilities Data Scientist Mortal Data Scientist Superhero
Enterprise Readiness
Bottom Line Business Impact
Bottom Line Business Impact $100K+ per year $M's+ / Year
Model Engine Tested
Model Engine Tested No 200,000,000+ times
Model Sharing
Model Sharing No Yes
Enterprise Readiness
Enterprise Readiness Manual Automatic
Security Manual Automatic
Standardization When there's time Every time
Multitasking Single model Multiple models
Package installation and dependency management
Package installation and dependency management Manual Not needed
Risk of coding errors
Risk of coding errors Substantial None
Model Accessibility
Popularity with business users
Popularity with business users
 Somewhat Very
Business user engagement
Business user engagement
 Too busy Always available

Helped with guardrails
Helped with guardrails None Yes
Skills Needed
Skills Needed Significant - PhD-level
 PhD not required
Model Operationalizing
Model deployment effort
Model deployment effort Significant Effortless
Model Quality
Model iteration
Model iteration
 Manual & slow Automated
Accuracy Time consuming Guaranteed
Helped by other Data Scientists
Helped by other Data Scientists No 85+
Workflow Manual Automatic
Tuning Manual Automatic
Ensembled models
Ensembled models Manual Automatic
Algorithms and libraries
Algorithms and libraries A comfortable few Many
Feature engineering
Feature engineering
 Manual Automatic

Model Quantity
Number of models / month
Number of models / month
 Very Few
Speed Sometimes Blisteringly Fast
Model Transparency
Model Transparency
Model Transparency None X-Ray Vision
Explainable Models
Explainable Models
 'Black Box'
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Now, Arditto and the Traveloka data science team are looking to supercharge their efforts. By producing even more accurate models, they will provide Traveloka app users an even more customized user experience. And by continually evaluating and tuning their models, and looking for additional sources of data to refine their predictions, Traveloka will continue to outpace the competition for years to come.

“DataRobot had significantly reduced time spent on creating and tuning predictive models. I’ve been able to become far more productive and get models into service more quickly than ever before – all of which helps Traveloka deliver the best travel deals to our customers.”

Arditto Trianggada Data Scientist, Traveloka

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