Democratizing Data Science at DemystData – Fintech Case Study

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New York-based software company DemystData's goal is to “demystify” data, with a platform that helps their clients discover, explore, and access the exploding world of data. But as datasets get bigger and data sources more varied, that also means increased complexity and more time-consuming work for an already limited pool of data science resources at the New York-based company. That’s when DataRobot came in to meet the challenge.

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DemystData wanted a way to handle the increased complexity and time-intensive work related to datasets getting bigger and data sources becoming more varied. Their data scientists were spending lots of time manually building data science and machine learning pipelines.
Using DataRobot's Automated Machine Learning platform, DemystData was able to automate and streamline the more laborious and time-consuming parts of data science, like feature engineering, model feature selection, model deployments, to improve speed to values for various machine learning projects.
For the data scientists at DemystData, DataRobot delivered a 10x efficiency increase, at one tenth the cost. At the same time, because of its simplicity and ease-of-use, DataRobot democratized data science opening it up to all levels of the organization.

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