Have you ever wanted to learn why a machine learning model made a prediction?

As a Python Engineer on our Explainable AI team, you will actively contribute to making AI more accessible, actionable and explainable and remove barriers to the use of machine learning and its deployment in production.

The Explainable AI team is responsible for automated insights into how models make their prediction, explain why/how those models perform and provide world class tool chain to interpret data to improve machine learning accuracy.

Your responsibilities will include developing develop state-of-the-art reports and insights, automating data science tools, helping integrate our services via APIs, and working with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

DataRobot is based around delivering best-in-class data science solutions and this position provides the opportunity to build a core component of our platform that will increase trust in AI.


  • Developing APIs for machine learning
  • Developing backend services for machine learning
  • Developing systems to support insights into machine learning models
  • Working with team members to help develop optimal approaches to provide good architecture

Main Requirements

  • Strong Python
  • 5+ years of engineering experience

Desired Skills

  • Production experience, not 100% academia
  • Core Pydata stack is very nice to have: Numpy, Scipy, pandas, and Scikit learn
  • DS experience is very nice to have.
    • Academic experience in DS is nice to have too

Individuals seeking employment at DataRobot are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.



DataRobot Engineering is a hard-working, fast moving, fun-loving team of developers who put product before pride. Our team is flexible and adaptable. We genuinely like each other and work hard to make sure that we all succeed, both for individual and company success, because we believe that one doesn’t happen without the other.