We are building a company for the 21st century: automation-first, AI-Driven, where people and machines work together to achieve unprecedented results. We are looking for a person passionate about building great user experience to help us streamline human-machine interactions across the company. 

You will join a team of software engineers, business analysts, and data analysts to help organize, monitor, analyze, and optimize the business. You will work closely with marketing, sales, customer success, people operations, and other functions to turn their organizations into high-performing machines.

Your job is to understand how people interact with internal systems, architect, and help implement 10x improvements in their experience. Our goal is to make people in DataRobot super-humans using applications and data. We need you to guide us on this path, using your talents and skills in designing interactions and interfaces.


  • Research how people interact with machines by collecting data, conducting interviews and surveys, and using any other means.
  • Identify points of friction and opportunities for improving user experience.
  • Design next versions of interactions and interfaces.
  • Participate in creating user stories to implement your designs.
  • Develop guidelines and best practices for building interactions.
  • Build an organization that can do what you do, at scale.

Example projects you could work on

  • Establish an excellent employee on-boarding process.
  • Create scalable system for organizing and tracking customer success activities.
  • Build an effective customer community seamlessly integrated with internal processes.


  • Ability to work autonomously and find the best way to add value.
  • Passion about solving real-wold business problems.
  • Proven experience (3+ years) simplifying and otherwise improving interactions and interfaces.
  • Hands-on experience with data analysis. You should be able to collect data you need to make decisions and convert it into actionable insights.
  • Extreme ownership: treating every application and system as your own product.
  • Curiosity.
  • Understanding how software engineering works.


  • Talent for graphical design.
  • Front-end engineering experience.



The DataRobot Business Team brings an algorithmic approach to everything that we do in the organization—from product development, go-to-market strategy (GTM), marketing, sales, and client engagement. We are a data science driven organization, tracking high quality historical data, inducing a metrics and monitoring process, analyzing wins and losses, and finally, collaborating with all other functions to develop a winning business strategy. If you are an analytical problem solver and love to work with people across teams, come talk to us.