DataRobot accelerates the process of building predictive models to get the most out of valuable data. We work hard to create tools that enable new data scientists to work effectively, giving veteran data scientists the rich detail and control they rely on, and supporting assembly and execution of automated production workflows.

The AI API team is responsible for designing the APIs that power the DataRobot platform. We develop new features in several programming languages (Python, R, JavaScript, and more). Our team uses the following technology on a routine basis: flask, docker, pytest, MongoDB, redis, nginx, and RabbitMQ, among many others.


In order to provide a great API experience to as many customers as possible, we need API Clients available for a number of different programming languages and platforms.  The Software Engineer on our team will be primarily responsible for bringing features from our API into those clients, while also contributing to the API itself.

They should be interested in building out a reliable user experience that balances power and simplicity, and working with our automated tooling to make sure the clients continue working with new API releases.

Main Requirements

  • Strong programming experience, with the ability to work in Python

  • Strong willingness to work in a number of different programming languages

Desired Skills

  • Experience with another programming language, e.g. C#, Java, Javascript, R

  • Prior experience designing and communicating easy-to-use APIs

  • Managing projects, communicating with engineers on other teams, and creating great tutorials


Individuals seeking employment at DataRobot are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.



DataRobot Engineering is a hard-working, fast moving, fun-loving team of developers who put product before pride. Our team is flexible and adaptable. We genuinely like each other and work hard to make sure that we all succeed, both for individual and company success, because we believe that one doesn’t happen without the other.