We are building a company for the 21st century: automation-first, AI-Driven, where people and machines work together to achieve unprecedented results. We are looking for a person with who loves data and using it to make companies better in every possible way.

You will work with the team of data scientists, software engineers, and business analysts to measure, report on, and optimize processes within the company. You will have to understand how teams operate and what data they need to be more effective. The results of your research will be used to scale the company and maintain operational excellence. You will participate in the process end to end: from defining the problem to executing and then monitoring the solution.

Your goal will be to help company get more value out of data in any way possible:

  • Help teams across the company learn and use data to measure and improve their performance.
  • Run research and analysis projects to support decision-making.
  • Be proactive and find opportunities to derive insights from data before others request it.
  • Collect and enrich the company data.

DataRobot helps businesses across the world apply data science and machine learning in every part of their organization. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best while working on the data science projects with the real-world impact.


  • Identify business problems that can be solved with data.
  • Collect the data required to extract actionable insights.
  • Research the data and create actionable dashboards/reports that drive decisions.
  • Help your team implement changes you helped design.


  • 3+ years of experience doing similar job independently, without supervision.
  • Knowledge of tools required to extract, transform and visualize data (Tableau, Chart.io).
  • Working knowledge of SQL.
  • Provable experience in extracting value from the real-world business data.


  • Working knowledge of Python or ability to learn it fast.
  • Ability to write code for collecting and transforming data.
  • Experience with analyzing business operations: marketing, sales, HR, etc.



The DataRobot Business Team brings an algorithmic approach to everything that we do in the organization—from product development, go-to-market strategy (GTM), marketing, sales, and client engagement. We are a data science driven organization, tracking high quality historical data, inducing a metrics and monitoring process, analyzing wins and losses, and finally, collaborating with all other functions to develop a winning business strategy. If you are an analytical problem solver and love to work with people across teams, come talk to us.