DataRobot has an extreme focus on customer experience. You will be responsible for ensuring that DataRobot consistently captures interactions with the product and the company with high-quality data, to provide a tailored experience for all personas involved..

You will focus relentlessly on user behavior and expectations, then work with product management to craft and monitor product features that will delight our users.

You will set up processes and systems that allow key stakeholders to effectively answer interaction based questions. Your analysis will lead to the discovery of AHA moments and friction points within the application that the user may not be explicitly telling us.

You will be responsible for the user's voice as you work cross-functionally to define the needs and behaviors of our key user persona's.  

The ideal candidate has a strong command over user experience and has successfully led user analytics teams in the past.


  • Define and execute a stream of analysis and tests to inform and support the strategic roadmap for products, with product managers and with engineering
  • Analyze data to discover, document, and validate, for each persona
    • AHA Moments
    • Friction Points
    • User Drop Off Points
  • Oversee the definition and maintenance of data collection processes, reports, and dashboards to monitor our product KPIs
  • Develop solutions that work for every product in the portfolio, both for the cloud and on-premise

Main Requirements

  • You are passionate about analytics, statistics and predictive approaches
  • You have previous experience of problem solving end to end, in autonomy
  • You are versatile, self-driven, detail-oriented and hands-on
  • You are outgoing with good communication skills
  • You probably have used databases or have programming experience
  • Experience in an analytical role in Technology or Consulting


Individuals seeking employment at DataRobot are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.



The DataRobot product team is tasked with understanding user problems and behaviors, defining the product roadmap and vision, and driving agile software development teams. Critical to customer success is understanding how AI, an undelivered promise until now, can be of value to mainstream business. DataRobot Product is directing our machine learning development into a direction that transforms business outcomes.