AI Services is a consulting division of DataRobot. As Data Scientist at DataRobot AI Services, you will work on various real-world problems across a variety of industries. You will be developing predictive models that add value to customer organizations and integrating those models into client environments.

Ideal candidates enjoy day-to-day data science problem-solving mixed with high levels of customer interaction.

Main Requirements

* 3+ years of real-world business experience with data science projects
* Hands-on experience building and implementing predictive models
* Experience with machine learning techniques
* Strong understanding of applied statistics and data mining/munging techniques
* Excellent organizational, communication, writing and interpersonal skills
* Fluency with one of the scripting languages (Python / R)

Desired Skills

* Consulting experience
* Familiarity with Hadoop and related Big Data technologies
* Familiarity with a variety of technical tools for the manipulation of datasets
* Data visualization

Data Science


Our Data Science team is composed of people from around the globe united by their passion for predicting the future. From top Kagglers to engineers with deep algorithmic knowledge, we all love making DataRobot’s predictions better and faster. DataRobot is an ideal place to learn from the top Data Scientists in the world, and teach them a thing or two along the way.