DataRobot is looking to grow our team with an experienced Data Scientist and R developer.

DataRobot provides Data Science tools in an integrated platform, helping users accelerate construction of accurate predictive models and gaining insight from their data. DataRobot supports an official R package that interacts with our API to help R users leverage DataRobot in familiar workflows.

Job responsibilities include maintenance of the existing R package functionality, adding support for new functionality from the DataRobot API, and working with partners to create integrations with DataRobot through the API and potentially the R package. Though the primary job responsibility is rooted in the R package, these integrations may require working knowledge of python, javascript, or other programming languages. Interested candidates should have broad exposure in programming, machine learning and data science with specific expertise in R package development.

Main Requirements:

  • Experience developing R packages and releasing them on CRAN.
  • Expertise in R and its common predictive modeling packages.
  • Experience developing clients for REST APIs.

Desired Skills

  • Primary developer on a well-used and long-running CRAN package.
  • Strong customer interaction skills.
  • Fluency with scripting (Python / R).
  • Familiarity with machine learning techniques and use cases.
  • Familiarity with a variety of technical tools for the manipulation of datasets.
  • Experience with machine learning techniques.
  • Hands-on experience building and implementing predictive models.



DataRobot Engineering is a hard-working, fast moving, fun-loving team of developers who put product before pride. Our team is flexible and adaptable. We genuinely like each other and work hard to make sure that we all succeed, both for individual and company success, because we believe that one doesn’t happen without the other.