What is Automated Machine Learning?

October 30, 2018
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Most companies today are familiar with Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) in which algorithms learn by example from historical data to predict outcomes and uncover patterns that are not easily spotted by humans.

Machine learning is a valuable tool for businesses across  industries to leverage the existing data they’ve been collecting over the years to solve their biggest business challenges. For example, a bank can apply machine learning to the data they’ve collected from loan applications, to find patterns and decide whether or not future loan applications will default. Banks can save  time and money by being able to pick who gets a loan and who doesn’t. 

Businesses are increasingly  adopting machine learning tools to stay competitive. However, machine learning requires  manual attention by experienced data scientists. Many businesses don’t have these skills and/or cannot access these resources. What’s the solution? Automated machine learning.

Watch this overview video, What is Automated Machine Learning? to learn how technical and non-technical employees can leverage machine learning to become AI-driven enterprises:


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 Want more resources for automated machine learning?

           • Read the Automated Machine Learning wiki entry for a quick overview.
            Watch our AI Simplified video: Machine Learning Simplified.
            Visit our Automated Machine Learning product page.


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