Driving Business Outcomes with Rapid Predictive Insights: A Case Study

May 3, 2018
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Slalom and DataRobot

 Slalom partnered with DataRobot in 2017 and found consistent speed to outcomes for machine learning  model development through this partnership. As a result, we started introducing DataRobot to clients who were looking for ways to accelerate insights generation and focus on the implementation of actions necessary to realize their business outcomes. Our recent experience with telecom client, BoldNew Telecom (client’s name has been changed for privacy reasons), illustrates the successful capabilities of working with both Slalom and DataRobot.


Slalom and DataRobot at Work 

BoldNew Telecom approached us to help them solve customer churn problems which were beginning to negatively impact their bottom-line. In just four weeks, we assembled a team of business strategists, data engineers, data scientists, and developers and partnered with DataRobot to build a working model using their machine learning insights . With previous comparable engagements, this entire process could have taken up to four months.

For BoldNew Telecom, Slalom led ideation sessions, aggregated and cleansed data, and iterated models using DataRobot. By quickly creating a functioning model, the joint team was able to shift BoldNew’s strategy for handling at-risk customers.

Our domestic delivery network of engineers built an automated data flow and integrated it with DataRobot to ultimately feed this list of at-risk customers directly into a CRM queue each week.  By identifying these customers faster, BoldNew’s customer care team could deliver white glove treatment in real time. Additionally, predictive insights, with the customer care team’s input, provided business guidance on service and pricing plan changes which specifically addressed the concerns of the customers.



A four month pilot period revealed insights that reduced customer churn rates by 9%. With the client, we are now in the process of building out a full solution and new processes across the enterprise. One of the hardest obstacles when driving business improvements with data is often in mobilizing the business users to use and act on the predictive insights. Our organizational expertise effectively engaged BoldNew Telecom’s operations leadership, helping them to develop and implement new processes and procedures for bringing action to insight.


DataRobot AI Partner Program

As evident in the case study, DataRobot is a game-changer for our clients when considering speed-to-value. Many of our clients do not possess the expertise and talent to build AI and machine learning solutions. For those who do, machine learning remains a painstaking and time-consuming process, which often cannot keep up with changing business priorities in today’s fast-paced landscape.

For Slalom, the decision to strengthen the existing DataRobot relationship by joining the DataRobot AI Partner Program was a no-brainer.  Joining the program brought us immediate and lasting benefits, such as DataRobot University programs, 24/7 DataRobot account access, and partner portal access. More importantly, the DataRobot account team has many times felt like an extension of our team—they have never been more than a phone call, email, or text away.  

 At Slalom we believe that we are successful when our clients are successful. We are delighted because DataRobot has substantially eliminated the barrier to entry into AI and machine learning that can transform the way our clients organize, operate, and create value. Furthermore, collaborating with DataRobot on business pursuits has increased the frequency of meaningful conversations with current and potential clients. We are able to shift our focus to offering more robust and scaled solutions such as Organizational Effectiveness, Change Management, Data Strategy, InfoSec, and Cloud Migration while DataRobot takes care of the machine learning itself. 

DataRobot has been a fantastic and willing partner. We value their support in taking our clients on the accelerated path to growth and look forward to continuing and strengthening the partnership.

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