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April 14, 2020
· 2 min read

While the world is going through these turbulent times, AI remains a key focus for many organizations that are trying to solve emerging social and economic problems. ODSC has always been an exceptional place to highlight these solutions and share some of the thought leadership around AI and machine learning, which is why we are excited to be a part of ODSC Virtual Conference & Expo this week.

This year, DataRobot has prepared a stellar lineup of speakers, covering deep learning and machine learning, model deployment and prediction challenges, AI bias, forecasting, and the latest data science tools and techniques. Read on to learn more about some of the presentations.


How to Stop Worrying and Embrace AI Bias

Presented by Jett Oristaglio

AI bias is one of the most critical emerging topics around AI. This session is a must. Learn how organizations need to reframe the conversation around AI bias to make it the first step in building a more ethical system.


Introduction to Machine Learning for Time-Series Forecasting

Presented by Mark Steadman

This is a hands-on workshop for Python users who want to learn how to use machine learning to tackle time series problems. Learn how to leverage both deep learning and non-deep learning approaches to tackle real-world problems successfully.


Deep Learning for Tabular Data: A Bag of Tricks

Presented by Jason McGhee

Deep learning is often dismissed or shown to fall short when it comes to tabular data, especially diverse or heterogeneous datasets. Jason will show you how you can make deep learning useful for learning heterogenous tabular data, using a disciplined approach to tuning hyperparameters, some intuition, and recent techniques.


Target Leakage in Machine Learning

Presented by Yuriy Guts

This session will highlight real-life examples of data leakage at different stages of data science projects. You will also learn about countermeasures that can be applied to target leakage.

Join Us

Go to our ODSC Virtual sign-up page to find out more about all of our sessions and to reserve your presentations bundle for any of the speakers that you might miss. You can also sign up for a private chat with one of our experts at ODSC.

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