Introducing DataRobot Insights Extension for Tableau

October 18, 2018
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Today we unveiled DataRobot Insights, a new Tableau Extension designed to further help our customers accelerate AI success with the team and tools that are already in place. Using built-in best practices and guardrails designed by DataRobot’s world-leading data scientists, DataRobot automates exploratory analysis empowering Tableau Desktop authors to efficiently find and focus on the most impactful variables to drive better outcomes.

Efficiently Explore Data

Manually exploring thousands of potential variable combinations to find key relationships is not practical, nor efficient. Our new Tableau Extension automates the busy work. With DataRobot Insights, you can spend less time finding what’s important and more time reviewing why and what to do next.  


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By combining the power of no-code automated machine learning from DataRobot with dynamic visual analysis technology from Tableau, hidden insights and valuable patterns that you may never find can now be quickly discovered within your current flow of analysis.


Democratize Predictive Insights

DataRobot’s proven automated machine learning platform also provides unmatched depth and breadth for responsibly expanding governed citizen data science across the enterprise. With DataRobot, data-savvy business analytics professionals can easily build and deploy highly accurate automated machine learning models that anyone can understand, explain, and trust. By integrating DataRobot predictions into Tableau dashboards, organizations can put predictive insights to work in actionable dashboards to make a significant positive impact.



Source: Readmission Prevention Dashboard by Teknion Data Solutions collaborators Will Grey, Joshua Milligan and Bridget Cogley


According to LendingTree’s VP of Strategy Analytics, Akshay Tandon, “DataRobot transforms the economics of extracting value from data.” Other DataRobot customers cite compelling returns on investment delivered by business analytics professionals — not data scientists.

Steward Healthcare cited $10 million in annual cost savings within one year as a result of adding DataRobot into analytics processes. There are many other relevant case studies where business analytics professionals delivered on the promise of AI.   

With a little training on how to spot machine learning opportunities, business analytics professionals can successfully make the leap from visual analytics to predictive analytics. From reducing costs to finding new revenue streams or improving healthcare, this talent is best positioned to capitalize on AI opportunities since they understand the nuances in your organization and in your data.


To Learn More about DataRobot + Tableau

If you want to solve problems smarter and faster than ever before, stop waiting for data scientists and start learning how business analytics professionals can use DataRobot. By empowering more users throughout an organization to address even more projects – DataRobot is helping make the AI-driven enterprise a reality.

For more details on our partnership with Tableau, please visit our partnership page at


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About the Author

Jen Underwood, Senior Director of Product Marketing at DataRobot, has over 20 years of experience in “hands-on” development of data warehouses, reporting and advanced analytics solutions. In addition to keeping a constant pulse on industry trends, she enjoys digging into oceans of data. Previously, Jen held worldwide product management roles at Microsoft, advised vendors as an independent industry analyst, and led technical analytics implementations for global system implementation firms. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing, Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and a post-graduate certificate in Computer Science – Data Mining from the University of California, San Diego.


About the author
Jen Underwood
Jen Underwood

Senior Director of Product Marketing, DataRobot

Jen Underwood, Sr. Director Product Marketing, has held worldwide analytics product management roles at Microsoft and served as a technical lead for system implementation firms. She has experience launching new products and turning around failed projects in enterprise data warehousing, reporting, and advanced analytics. Today she designs products and helps analytics professionals learn how to solve complex problems with machine learning in the emerging citizen data science segment. Jen has a Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing, Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and a post-graduate certificate in Computer Science – Data Mining from the University of California, San Diego.

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