How Florida International University Identifies and Helps At-Risk Students using Machine Learning

June 5, 2019
· 2 min read

How can schools leverage data to ensure that every student has access to the educational resources they need? We spoke with two faculty members at Florida International University (FIU) to learn how they address this issue to successfully help at-risk students overcome obstacles in their academic careers.


“Everyone should have an equal opportunity to get an education and become a part of building our future.”

— Hiselgis Perez, Vice Provost of Information Management, Florida International University


Hiselgis Perez (Vice Provost of Information Management) and Paden Goldsmith (Assistant Director of Strategic Data Analysis) knew that data science was the key to helping the tens of thousands of FIU students succeed academically, but was constrained by limited data science resources and talent. But, with DataRobot, Hiselgis and Paden have the data science power to analyze data and make predictions for every student. They can predict and identify at-risk students to proactively get them the academic help they need in order to stay on track and graduate. This tool promotes student success across the university and sets the bar for other colleges and universities around the world.


“It’s a very valuable thing, implementing these machine learning solutions to make sure that we stake our claim at the peak of it all and continue on from that direction.”

— Paden Goldsmith, Assistant Director of Strategic Data Analysis, Florida International University


Watch the video to learn how FIU leverages DataRobot to achieve these goals for their students: 

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Gareth Goh

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