How Executives Can Drive New Data Science Initiatives

September 15, 2016
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UPDATE: We have an archived version of the webinar available for viewing:

One of the biggest competitive differentiators for companies today is data. Specifically, connected data from across an organization to enable data-driven decision-making. However, even with great data science talent on hand and troves of valuable data to analyze, effective data science initiatives require planning and decision-making from the highest levels of an organization. Today, executives are the real drivers of data science.

Data science, big data and machine learning are no longer hype, they’re making big splashes in the enterprise, but this level of impact only happens when there is executive buy-in and initiative.

What insights would give your company a competitive edge? Do you know the right questions to ask to frame the business need to your team? Can you speak the language of data science fluently so you can lead a distributed data science team effectively?

While your data scientists are skilled in deriving insights from data, it’s up to the executive team to make data science a core strategic initiative, encouraging data-driven decision making and implementing the results to stay ahead.

On Wednesday, September 14th at 1:30pm EDT, DataRobot is hosting a webinar, “Executives: The New Drivers of Data Science” that will explain the executive’s’ role in data science, including:

  • How business knowledge and domain expertise drive world-class data science teams
  • What types of business challenges are best addressed with data science and how automation will drive results
  • Why you need to generate advocacy for data science throughout your organization
  • How automated machine learning will help you democratize data science beyond data scientists
  • Real-world examples of how data science and machine learning have increased revenues, reduced costs and improved key metrics in companies like yours

Led by our own world-class data scientists, this webinar will offer a unique perspective on the executive’s place in the new world of transformative data.

Join us on September 14th for the webinar — space is filling up fast.

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