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Find Your Path to AI Success with DataRobot Pathfinder

August 11, 2020
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Introducing DataRobot Pathfinder 

The potential impact AI will have on the global economy has been estimated to numbers so large — about $13 trillion by 2030 (McKinsey) – that they have become hard to conceptualize on the local level. Even with all the research and media around AI, many executives are still perplexed as to how AI can improve the profitability of their individual organizations. From the difficulties of choosing the right use case to the intricacies of adopting predictions into existing workflows, AI comes with a wide array of challenges that prevent organizations from maximizing the returns on their AI investments.

Enter DataRobot Pathfinder, the industry’s leading resource for practical guidance on how to effectively implement AI. Pathfinder is an online library of more than 100 use cases dedicated to helping you discover relevant use cases and understanding how they can be deployed within your organization. These use cases include agnostic applications of AI, such as forecasting demand, scoring new leads, and reducing customer churn. They also include industry-specific applications of AI, such as reducing hospital readmissions, predicting insurance claims’ severity, and preventing anti-money laundering. 

Pathfinder eliminates the noise to show you what you should prioritize in your roadmap. The tool is also developed around a proven technical and business framework to show how you can implement AI. By familiarizing yourself with this framework, you can understand how to apply AI to even more unique problems that your organization faces. 

With its combination of actionable use cases and applicable best practices, Pathfinder helps you expand your adoption of AI. The tool not only helps data scientists uncover more efficient ways to build and deploy models, but also shows business executives and analysts how they can embed predictions into their decision processes. The content shown on Pathfinder is driven by the collective knowledge of more than 35 of DataRobot’s data scientists, and compiles the knowledge these data scientists have accumulated through decades of academic and industry experience. 

Discover Use Cases

Pathfinder is home to 100+ use cases across more than ten industries. Our data scientists have curated the use cases on Pathfinder to ensure that they are not only relevant but also representative of their industries. DataRobot does not share customer data, personal data, or sensitive use cases on Pathfinder. 

You can benefit from Pathfinder by discovering use cases which your organization may not have considered before. You can filter the use cases based on their business and technical parameters. This includes the ability to filter by industry, problem type (i.e., regression, classification, time series), and value driver, which helps you find use cases that align with high-level business objectives, such as increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and improving customer experience. 

The tabs displaying each use case are designed for you to intuitively explore and identify relevant use cases, which can be sorted based on their popularity, impact, and complexity. While these are broad generalizations that need to be followed up by a deeper analysis of your organization’s unique position, they can give you a quick, high-level overview of which use cases may fit with your organization’s current data science maturity. For instance, organizations only beginning to implement AI should select low-hanging fruits, such as use cases that are high in impact but low in complexity. 

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Understand Use Cases

Pathfinder’s use cases are currently segmented by Executive Summary and End-to-End. While Executive Summary only offers high-level overviews of a use case, End-to-End provides detailed guides on how a use case can be implemented from both technical and business perspectives. Pathfinder has more than 30 End-to-End use cases, and more are being released on a regular basis. 

With Pathfinder’s End-to-End guides, you can understand how to build models for specific use cases and deploy their predictions into your decision environments. 

On the technical side, Pathfinder helps you frame use cases into data science problems and reveals the features you will need to train your models. The tool also shows step-by-step tutorials on how to interpret and evaluate models using the DataRobot AI Platform

On the business side, decision environments are the methods by which predictions will ultimately be used for business decision-making. Pathfinder will guide you towards understanding which stakeholders should consume the predictions, how they will consume the predictions, and what actionable decisions they can make to impact real-world business processes. 

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Share Use Cases 

Once you have explored Pathfinder and identified use cases relevant to your organization, you can shortlist these use cases by bookmarking them. These bookmarks will appear on your personal AI roadmap and be saved for future viewing. You can easily share your roadmap with colleagues, who can then curate your list and select specific use cases to add to their own roadmap. 

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Find Your Path to AI Success Today 

Pathfinder is available for free to the general public. Whether you are just starting your journey or are years into deploying use cases, Pathfinder will help you uncover new opportunities to expand your AI footprint. We are thrilled to be a small part of your efforts to generate greater value for your organization through automation and optimization. 

Use Case Library
Find your path to AI success with Pathfinder

100+ practical use cases at your fingertips


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James Pratama

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