Starting a New F1 Season with McLaren Racing BKG

Engineering a Successful New Car: Starting a New F1 Season with McLaren Racing

March 25, 2022
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The 2022 season ignited a world of changes for McLaren Racing and Formula 1 with the biggest reengineering in modern F1 history. Each team now has a budget cap, and significant rule changes have been introduced, altering strategies and adding excitement for the fans. Another change that we’re thrilled about is that DataRobot is one of McLaren’s newest partners.

As part of this relationship, DataRobot will be integrated into the McLaren Racing infrastructure, delivering AI-powered predictions and insights to maximize performance and optimize simulations.

DataRobot is a leader in its field, bringing its innovative technology and platform to top businesses around the globe. McLaren Racing continues to lead in innovation and technology, and partnerships with the likes of DataRobot allow us to progress, improve, and support our team in our ongoing push for optimum performance.
Zak pic
Zak Brown

CEO, McLaren Racing

DataRobot is collaborating with team members across departments of McLaren and showing off co-marketing activities, including logos on the McLaren’s MCL36 race cars and on the race suits of McLaren F1 drivers, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. In building this partnership, we want to highlight not only the superstars of McLaren Racing but also the superstars behind the scenes that work together to drive the team forward.  

So, what goes into each race? What kind of planning and data is being reviewed? And who are these unsung heroes that are working in the background? In the world’s most technologically advanced sport, it is the melding of man and machine that takes center stage each weekend. With a mere 22 opportunities for any driver to advance in a season, the real stories behind every race, every lap, every shaved second are the teams of people who are using AI and machine learning to convert billions of data points into better decisions on the track. We invite you to come along for the ride as we look past the podium and discover the people at McLaren  Racing, the tools they use, and the data that drives it all.

This is why we want to celebrate the people “behind the wheel” and enlighten fans on data used to drive insights. Throughout the season, a vast amount of data is created by a Formula 1 race team, and it takes a team of people to transform it into insights and decisions for McLaren. AI is best when it’s augmented intelligence—the collaboration of human and artificial intelligence. We want to focus on the people and the data behind racing success.

We look forward to sharing our journey throughout the 2022 season with you. We have more excitement and surprises in store and welcome you along for the ride.

DataRobot x McLaren Formula 1 Team: Behind the Wheel
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