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September 22, 2021
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3 Steps to Start Your AI Journey

AI projects have many more unknowns than traditional technology projects. You have to know the right use case to start with and know the value you can expect even before you start. You need to understand what data sources to go after and how to get the data ready. You have to pick the right model to meet expected performance goals. Train it, test it, tune it. You have to make your AI explainable and trustworthy. You have to know how to take your model into production, manage it over time, enable the business to consume predictions from it, and use it to make the right decisions. The list goes on. 

While you are trying to figure all this out, organizational leaders expect results from their investments in AI faster than ever before. It’s no wonder that many organizations never manage to get started or try to start but fail to move fast enough to get through an ever growing project backlog and operationalize their results. According to McKinsey Research “Out of 160 reviewed AI use cases, 88% did not progress beyond the experimental stage” (resource).  

Are You Ready to Start But Just Need a Little Help?

Justifying value from AI upfront then getting started fast is extremely hard. Due to all the hype, there is a lot of pressure to get moving, and it often feels like everyone around you knows exactly what they’re doing. Maybe they do and maybe they don’t. 

The good news is you now have a jumpstart. You can now directly benefit from thousands of interactions and hundreds of implementation experiences we at DataRobot have been through, working with early adopters of AI in all industries and lines of business. We have compiled an extensive library of AI use cases containing technical artifacts and best practices captured and distilled by our experts from real-world experiences working with customers just like you.

DataRobot Pathfinder Solution Accelerators help you quickly get started with the most popular AI use cases in just a few clicks.

Pathfinder Solution Accelerators Help You Take Your First Steps

Whether you want to start in a Notebook or leverage a pre-built model and a DataRobot AI application template, Pathfinder Solution Accelerators can help anyone get started fast. 

You will find 100+ AI use cases, sample notebooks, technology integrations, template apps, models, and more—there are multiple ways to find your path to AI regardless of where you start. In just a few clicks, you can go from theory to training your own model on DataRobot’s world-class AI platform in a completely seamless and guided experience. 

Here are three simple steps that will help you get started with AI using our Pathfinder Solution Accelerators:


Now let’s dive into each one of these steps.

  1. Browse Our Library

Choosing the right use case to tackle is hard enough. Luckily, our legendary team of Customer Facing Data Scientists have worked hard to collect well over a hundred firmly established and battle-tested use cases across many different industries. Pathfinder Solution Accelerators help you understand how you can directly apply the power of machine learning and AI in various areas of your organization to solve many different problems as well as help you know the potential impact these use cases can have on your business. Just pick a use case that resonates with your goals and objectives and explore it!  

Screenshot 2021 09 09 at 10.29.15
  1. Try it Live

Pathfinder Solution Accelerators help you envision the final solution through “live product previews.” These are backed by data samples, example Notebooks, and AI app templates so you can explore the end result of a use case before you take the next step. Explore how these AI solutions work and share the results as a catalyst for your team.

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  1. Get Started Fast

Within the new Pathfinder there is an area that features the most popular 3rd party integrations with DataRobot. This area showcases the various ways you can plug your data into DataRobot to get started fast. Just select the integration you wish to start with, for example the Amazon S3 Integration, and sign up. After this you’ll see instructions on how to connect your dataset and make your data available in DataRobot’s AI Catalog so it’s ready to go. Leverage the application templates, models and notebooks to spin up a prototype that is directly relevant to your use case in minutes.

Screenshot 2021 09 09 at 10.23.10

Ready to Go? Start Today.

DataRobot Pathfinder Solution Accelerators enable you to find, preview, and get started with the most popular AI use cases in just a few clicks. This makes it easy to quickly create prototype apps to justify further investment in the AI use case.

Take a tour of the DataRobot AI Platform. You can also request a personal demo to see the full power of the DataRobot AI Platform in action.

Start your AI Journey with DataRobot Pathfinder Solution Accelerators
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