Introducing the DataRobot AI Partner Program

April 3, 2018
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Today, we unveiled our DataRobot AI Partner Program. This program – the first of its kind in the industry – is aimed at enabling value added resellers, advisory firms, system integrators and analytic consultants to help their customers become AI-driven enterprises through the adoption of automated machine learning.

Over the past five years, we’ve seen many tools across the analytic stack become easier to use for business users. This has resulted in the ecosystem of analytic consultants building practices around self service visual analysis and data preparation tools as they modernize their customers’ legacy BI platforms. However, the adoption of machine learning by partners serving these line of business users has been slow. The tools that have attempted to make machine learning easier have still put the unenviable task on the end user (typically without a data science background) to choose and parameterize from a limited set of models. To that end, the partners in the ecosystem and their customers have not embraced these platforms en masse to augment their customers’ analytics. There is another camp of partners who want to modernize their legacy statistical platforms with modern machine learning solutions.

DataRobot’s AI Partner Program aims to truly bridge this gap, enabling partners to deliver automated machine learning to users of all skill levels and to easily build AI into any new or existing business application.

Partners and their customers will receive unparalleled expertise through our dedicated Customer Facing Data Scientists for every customer. They’ll also receive comprehensive education throughMydral_Infographic DataRobot University to upskill partners and their customers on machine learning and teach them to identify projects that will have real business impact.

Beyond that, DataRobot will allow partners to power their applications with AI by DataRobot Apps for their customers. See an example of this below from our partner Mydral in France, who built an AI-app to identify key talent in an organization. This application is delivered via a Tableau dashboard to business decision makers.

We are excited to be able to work with top partners around the world such as Analytics8, Cleartelligence, Bardess, Inviso, Infotopics and Appex to enable their customers to become truly AI-Driven.

Learn more on the DataRobot Partners page.

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Seann Gardiner is currently the EVP Business Development at DataRobot, the world’s most advanced automated machine learning platform. His background includes building and leading cross-functional global teams, leading GTM in every geo (Americas, EMEA, APAC), building technology partner ecosystems at scale, and more. 

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