DataRobot Acquisition: Nexosis

July 10, 2018
1 min

We are excited to announce that Nexosis is now a part of the DataRobot family.

Nexosis is an Ohio-based company that works to simplify the way developers build machine learning applications and empower users regardless of their understanding of data science. Their values and vision align well with DataRobot’s by helping users improve their business operations and impact bottom line growth.

In a blog post on the Nexosis website, Ryan Sevey, CEO of Nexosis, wrote this about the acquisition:

“Together with DataRobot we’ll be able to provide the best automated machine learning experience to developers in the world. DataRobot and its best-in-class team have created the category for automated machine learning, which makes it possible for developers to leverage machine learning and AI technology to automate processes and extract insights that deliver bottom-line benefits, even without access to data scientists. In the coming months we’ll begin to show what we’re working on together, and trust me, it’s amazing.”

For more information about this exciting news, read the full blog from Ryan.

You can read the press release announcing the acquisition here.

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