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BCG, DataRobot Strengthen Partnership to Help Clients Capitalize on AI

April 8, 2021
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DataRobot is pleased to announce that we are partnering with BCG (Boston Consulting Group) to drive innovation in the AI space and realize the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning

BCG is a world leader in helping businesses meet new and complex challenges. Founded in 1963, BCG offers leading-edge management consulting, technology, and design, as well as corporate and digital ventures. The company’s work  spans across many fields, including climate and environment, global development, global health, and education. 

DataRobot and BCG have worked closely together since June 2020, when DataRobot acquired BCG’s SOURCE AI technology. The relationship between a global consulting firm and an AI solution provider combines proprietary AI technology with world-class consulting services, creating an opportunity to solve one of the biggest obstacles to widespread and effective AI–deploying and managing models that create value. 

“When we think about big transformations that are happening with our clients, we really take a look at AI at scale,” says Sesh Iyer, managing director for BCG.

Seven out of 10 companies today that have invested in AI aren’t seeing any impact. Fifty percent and in some cases up to 90 percent of machine learning models really do not even make it into production. How do we move the needle on that?
Sesh Iyer

Managing Director for BCG

BCG has a real focus on applied AI – getting AI productionalized. They have more than 900 data scientists within BCG, and when you combine that with our end-to-end AI platform and the expertise that we have, it’s a powerful combination.

In an example of the power of this partnership, DataRobot and BCG recently worked with a BCG client that was looking for new markets to  expand its cleaning business. Using 40 variables, seven data sources, and 60 models, within three weeks the companies had found $250 million in potential new revenue for the client. 

BCG Sponsors DataRobot’s AI Experience WorldWide

This year, BCG also is sponsoring DataRobot’s AI Experience Worldwide conference, May 11-12 at virtual locations around the world. With the theme of “The Hunt for Transformational Growth,” this year’s conference is focusing on putting the power of AI to work to create new opportunities for businesses. 

Be sure to register for AI Experience Worldwide today. 

AI Experience Worldwide

The Hunt For Transformational Growth

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