Automated Machine Learning is a Game Changer for Wellen Capital

December 7, 2018
· 1 min read

Meet Pauline McKinney, VP Data Analytics at Wellen Capital. The Chicago-based organization provides working capital to small businesses across America. Pauline sat down with DataRobot to talk about how Wellen Capital leverages automated machine learning to resolve issues with default rates and overcome bias for risk assessment.

In order to tackle these challenges head on, Pauline and her team needed to incorporate data science and truly become an AI-driven enterprise. As a non-technical group, they needed  a platform that could empower them to use data science to solve key issues, but with the right guardrails in place.

Additionally, Wellen Capital was thrilled to have access to a Customer Facing Data Scientist who helped lead the team on their AI journey.

“With the support of our Customer-Facing Data Scientist, there was somebody there to make sure that we were going in the right direction, and that was so powerful.”, said McKinney.

Hear more from Pauline as she shares how DataRobot has been a game changer for Wellen Capital:

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