Author Karin Jenson

Chief of Staff, Product, DataRobot

Karin is DataRobot’s advocate for the Business Analyst.  Her sole job is to obsess over how DataRobot can best serve the needs of BA prospects and clients. A practicing attorney for 17 years, Karin was introduced to predictive analytics in litigation. Her enthusiasm grew when she worked as an executive attorney at General Motors and had the chance to work with some of the best data scientists in the world.  In February 2020, Karin left law to join DataRobot. Karin has a soft spot for working with people who, like her, do not have the deep data science background but do understand the power of AI and are motivated to incorporate it into their workstreams.  Karin loves talking to BAs and can be reached at karin.jenson@DataRobot.com. You can see her contributions for BAs in the DataRobot Community here.