AI Simplified: Unfair Bias

July 1, 2019
· 1 min read

“Women and people of color are fighting many battles in the tech world and in the fast-growing world of artificial intelligence.” (The New York Times) Because AI models are often a reflection of the humans who train and manage them, incidents of AI bias are still found in many industries and in organizations all over the world. When companies build diverse teams, they will usually have more diverse AI models that can help them overcome bias. One way to beat unfair bias is to say no to black box models that don’t provide human-friendly explainable AI. 

Colin Priest (Sr. Director of Product Marketing) is back for another installment of AI Simplified to talk about Unfair Bias. 


“Unfair bias can cause you serious reputation damage, damage your brand value, and it’s often illegal.” — Colin Priest

Colin talks about direct discrimination and how to work with your AI to overcome it, as well as how to pick up (and address) hidden signs of bias in your data. 

Learn more from Colin’s video below:

Ready to learn more about bias and ways to overcome it? Check out these additional resources:


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