AI Simplified: Kaggle competitions

July 3, 2018
· 1 min read

The newest installment of the AI Simplified series is all about Kaggle competitions. For those unfamiliar with Kaggle, competing in these competitions is no easy feat. Our own Ina Ko, a Senior Product Manager at DataRobot, took the plunge participating in a Kaggle competition last year – and documented her journey (read about it here).

Sergey Yurgenson, Data Scientist and Kaggle Grandmaster, provides his insights into how Kaggle competitions work and answers one of the biggest Kaggle questions:

Can an automated machine learning platform like DataRobot successfully help you compete in Kaggle competitions?

Want to learn more about automated machine learning? Watch our other AI Simplified video, What is Automated Machine Learning? Or, our quick tutorial on Training, Validation and Holdout.

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