AI Practitioner Worksheet: The Path to AI Success

June 15, 2020
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Getting everyone on the same page with AI use cases and the corresponding business process changes can be challenging. To help streamline this process, DataRobot has developed a series of worksheets to help everyone “get on the same page” and hit the ground running.

During this session you’ll be introduced to the first of these worksheets, The Path to AI Success Worksheet. Sean Smith and Jack Jablonski from our AI Success team will walk through a simple but familiar use case while itemizing all the details and showing you how this fill-in-the-blanks worksheet can be used for any of your use cases.


  • Sean Smith (DataRobot, AI Success Director)
  • Jack Jablonski (DataRobot, AI Success Manager)

More Information

  • DataRobot Pathfinder has over 100 use cases that you can check out and use to get ideas.
  • Get the Practitioner Worksheet here!
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