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AI Experience Worldwide: Opportunity Is Everywhere

May 20, 2021
· 2 min read

What was my main takeaway from this year’s AI Experience Worldwide? Opportunity is everywhere. Opportunity to beat the competition. Opportunity to transform your business. Opportunity to deliver unbelievable ROI. 

Three sessions from the event sum it up best:

Julian Forero and Katy Haynie from Snowflake delivered a powerhouse case for the new opportunities that the DataRobot and Snowflake integration has unlocked. Their session, Expand Your Reach with Data Cloud, explains how this integration drives AI adoption. In short, Snowflake makes it much easier to access data for a faster time-to-production model. What’s more, Snowflake’s data governance allows DataRobot to build trusted models with robust data lineage that enables traceability for every data element back to its original source. This is crucial because as AI goes mainstream, trust in where data originates is paramount.

In another session, Ilan Gleiser, founder and CEO of Synarchy AI, explained the fundamentals of Delivering AI ROI at Scale. He makes the case that any business can find AI success and maximize ROI. His session was full of simple and clear advice for getting started and best practices creating value from an investment in AI.

Finally, the session Streamline Your Model Monitoring  demonstrates how DataRobot MLOps scales to all users—from data scientists to business analysts to engineers in DevOps and IT. This is so powerful because it means many more members of your organization can participate in post-production activities helping to manage and monitor your machine learning models. And that means you can better focus on the big problems that generate value for your organization.

These are just a few instances of the opportunity I see for AI. But there are so many more. I urge you to watch the entire event and to especially check out the DataRobot and Snowflake integration. We have a joint DEMO coming up that can’t be missed.

Snowflake + DataRobot: Unleash the Power of the Data Cloud with AI

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