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AI Experience Worldwide: Highlights, Reflections, and a Call to Action

May 14, 2021
· 5 min read

We just wrapped DataRobot’s latest AI Experience Worldwide. It was great to learn the many ways our customers are finding success with AI and share our expertise with you.

There’s a lot to unpack, but first, I want to thank everyone—from our guest speakers to event planners to the technical team—who pulled together to make this event an incredible success. 

I’m also excited to welcome Zepl, who joined us via acquisition, to the DataRobot family. We’ll have a lot more to share on this in the weeks and months ahead. 

Now, on to a few of my takeaways from the event:

Introducing Augmented Intelligence

I was happy to share our vision of Augmented Intelligence. DataRobot’s core mission has always been to unleash the full potential of human and machine intelligence, and we strongly believe that our Augmented Intelligence platform converges the best that humans and machines have to offer. Humans uniquely and creatively use their intuition and experience with a high degree of context and domain expertise to build customized solutions. Machines bring unparalleled power, speed, and efficiency to processing large data sets and routine tasks based on a set of rules. DataRobot is now in a unique position to deliver solutions that harness the combined strength and intelligence of both humans and machines. 

Our customers will benefit from this regardless of their industry, size, or mission. It’s obvious that every organization will become AI-driven. It is our job to help make this future a reality as fast as possible.

Product Announcements

In addition to the launch of Augmented Intelligence, we were also thrilled to announce a number of groundbreaking new product enhancements that further strengthen our platform and enhance value for our customers.

In 2021, we are embracing the code-first data scientist. In addition to the tightly integrated and extremely powerful cloud-based notebook environment that the Zepl acquisition brings, we also announced Composable ML. This unlocks our world-class blueprints and allows advanced data scientists to customize and extend our automated capabilities with their own code to create new models that are explainable, trusted, and have a clear pathway to production through our MLOps product.

We also announced Continuous AI. This is another first for Data Science and Machine Learning technology. Continuous AI enables our MLOps customers to set up multiple retraining policies on their production models. You can set a model for automatic retraining on a scheduled basis or when an event like data drift occurs. Continuous AI also leverages our AutoML capabilities to automatically create new challenger models ensuring production models are constantly stress tested and kept at peak performance regardless of how crazy external conditions get.

Finally, we announced our new No-Code AI Apps that will enable customers to build beautiful AI applications and get the predictive power of their models in the hands of front line decision makers without any code. 

By the way, we haven’t even talked about day two yet!

AI and Trust

So let’s talk about the second day. First off you should definitely watch the opening keynote “Trust in AI is Not a Feature. It’s a Requirement.” Presented by our own Ted Kwartler, DataRobot’s Vice President of Trusted AI, this session helps us all understand what trust in AI really means and why it’s so important. Ted’s analysis is spot-on. As businesses increase their reliance on AI, trust will become the defining characteristic of successful AI-driven enterprises. It’s essential that people believe and trust the predictions their models generate, and we believe we can help foster a culture where AI has a positive and lasting impact on the world. Ted announced a couple of new product capabilities, including an early preview of a new trust app that we are calling the Model Grader. We’d love you to register if you’d like to get your AI models graded. We will use our best-in-class scoring criteria for data quality, robustness, model accuracy, and fairness.

Ted also announced an exciting new partnership with the World Economic Forum. We’ll work with the Forum on initiatives designed to build a more ethical, explainable, and equitable AI ecosystem. 

Becoming AI-Driven

I’d also recommend three sessions that are especially tailored for business leaders who want to hear insights on building an AI-driven enterprise. 

  • The first is our CEO Panel on AI & Transformational Growth. What I liked most about this session was how candid the conversation was. It’s refreshing to hear people talk so honestly about their journey to bring AI to their business.
  • The second is Rachik Laouar’s fascinating session on the ways Adecco UK use of AI is Turning an Industry Upside Down. Rachik is head of Data Science for the Adecco Group. He partnered with DataRobot just six months ago and is now disrupting the global recruitment market. After some experimenting, Adecco fully embraced Enterprise AI to help eliminate bias in the recruitment process and ensure equal opportunity to all qualified candidates.  
  • Lastly, I suggest you watch Mark Coyne’s session on AI Operations and the Importance of Monitoring Models. As Vice President of Operational AI at Cotiviti, Mark has deep experience in building and maintaining complex machine learning systems. With DataRobot’s help, he’s simplified how models are monitored and managed. It’s a great case study on how DataRobot helps data science teams better collaborate with IT.

This is just the beginning. Whether you’re a data scientist, IT lead, business analyst, or CEO, there’s a session for you.

Take the Next Step

We’re here to help you on your journey to building an AI-driven enterprise and find success. 

Take a look at everything this year’s AI Experience Worldwide has to offer on-demand and consider signing up for your own personalized demo. I look forward to partnering with you to transform your business and lead your industry into a bright future with the power of Augmented Intelligence.

AI Experience Worldwide: On-Demand

Check out on-demand recordings to learn insights on building an agile AI-driven enterprise from industry leaders.

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