DataRobot Scoring Code

Embed DataRobot models directly into your Enterprise software applications so you can make predictions anywhere, and at any time. Scoring code is easy to deploy, test, and maintain on a variety of platforms, and you can inspect the generated Java and Python code for complete transparency.

DataRobot Scoring Code

Two different types of exportable code are included with DataRobot Scoring Code to provide maximum flexibility. Choose the best option to fit your language and accuracy requirements.

Code Generation

Export scoring code for a model in Java. You can download both a pre-compiled .jar file (with all dependencies included), plus the source code. DataRobot Scoring Code employs advanced features to ensure that predictions computed using generated Java code are the same as predictions computed inside DataRobot.


A combination of rulefit classifiers are used to build a linear approximation of the model in Java or Python. You have complete control over the level of complexity to strike the right balance between accuracy and transparency.

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DataRobot Scoring Code is an add-on product. Users must have a license for either DataRobot Cloud or DataRobot Enterprise in order to add the capabilities of DataRobot Scoring Code. Contact your sales representative for pricing information.