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Everything you need to confidently build, deploy, manage and govern generative and predictive AI for the enterprise.

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NEW! DataRobot for Generative AI

Join us to learn more about the only open, full AI lifecycle platform for both predictive and generative AI

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Getting Value out of Generative AI

Learn how to go beyond the hype to get real business value out of Generative AI

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DataRobot Introduces a Multi-Cloud Generative AI Product Offering
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    One Platform to Power All Your AI Needs

    Realize value fast with a secure, unified intelligence layer for generative and predictive AI across your existing cloud and hybrid environments.

    Maintain flexibility as you scale: Unify tools, teams, and workflows in one consistent AI experience

    • Choose best-of-breed LLMs, Vector Databases, and Orchestration tools
    • Develop and manage across clouds, data warehouses, and lakes
    • Accelerate delivery with code-first powertools and AI Accelerators
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    Accelerate your business outcomes: Bring generative and predictive AI to every business interaction

    • Use Streamlit, Dash, or the tooling of your choice to create bespoke apps
    • Integrate AI solutions into existing business apps and systems
    • Maintain full observability and governance of every asset and app in production
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    Safely manage AI at scale: Monitor and govern every workload, model, and AI asset – regardless of origin

    • Unify governance across all your cloud environments
    • Manage your reputation, mitigate risk, and control your LLM costs with LLMOps
    • Continuously improve your GenAI applications by learning from users’ feedback with predictive modeling
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    Open, flexible and extensible

    DataRobot is designed for the way ecosystems are built and how teams actually work.
    Use best-of-breed tools, with our open, predictive and generative AI lifecycle platform that integrates with your own data platforms, AI services, MLOps processes, DevOps tools, business applications, and GenAI apps.

    Data Platforms

    Maximize your existing cloud data warehouse and data lake investments. Built-in data connectors and broad integrations make it easy to connect your AI processes with your data and infrastructure, and align with your governance policies.

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    APIs and Services

    Seamlessly connect to data sources, leverage any LLMs, and embed predictive and generative AI apps into business processes without recoding, repackaging, or recombining of your AI assets.

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    Business Apps and Intelligence

    Fast-track the process of integrating predictive and generative AI into your business apps such as Slack, Salesforce, BI tools in a few lines of code, or quickly prototype bespoke GenAI applications in a few clicks.

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    Deployment Infrastructure

    Deploy DataRobot your way – on a dedicated managed cloud, private cloud, on-premise or SaaS.

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    Generative AI

    Stay in the driver’s seat for your GenAI initiatives. Enjoy the autonomy and freedom to work with all the best tools that exist today as well as what will emerge in the future. With our API-first integrations you can manage LLM selection, safeguard data privacy, control all financial aspects of your generative projects, and ensure you never get locked-in to any one vendor. While flexible deployment options let you bring your generative AI to life by easily integrating generative AI into your organization’s operations and systems such as Slack, Salesforce, BI tools and more with just a few lines of code. Or, quickly prototype and create bespoke applications in a few clicks with a hosted Streamlit application sandbox.

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    Deliver Tangible Impact to Your Organization

    Faster deployment
    Return on investment
    Lower cost

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    Take AI From Vision to Value

    See how a value-driven approach to AI can accelerate time to impact.