Machine learning is shaping how businesses work – old problems are being solved rapidly with new tools. AI really is the difference between organizations accelerating into the future or being left behind. 

Evolutio Director of Data Science & Analytics, Scott Munson, wanted to bring the Evolutio methodology to both data science teams and business leaders. The vision has been to help bridge the gap between AI/ML tools and everyday business problems.

As he was evaluating technologies, entering into a partnership with the leading-edge AI platform DataRobot made a ton of sense.

Evolutio + the DataRobot platform do three things well:

  1. Connect disparate data inputs and teams across the enterprise.
  2. Make machine learning available to a broader audience.
  3. Accelerate already great teams.

Evolutio has a portfolio of capabilities, underpinned by DataRobot, including:

  • AutoML Acceleration & Training
  • MLOps Onboarding & Strategy
  • Data Science & Analytics Services

Plus Three (3) Specific Solutions – Fully built-out, Customizable, Rapidly Deployable

  1. Client Retention/ Churn (for B2B Client Success and Sales Teams)
  2. Employee Attrition / Retention (for Human Resources Departments)
  3. Client Valuation Modeling (for Marketing Departments)

We meet clients at the different stages of their data science maturity. If your AI/ML initiatives need caring humans to help tackle more use cases and accelerate getting more models into production, visit our website at www.evolutiops.com to get in touch.